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Looking For People Living Abroad

Kim Long's private detective office with many years of experience in searching information, searching for missing people, searching for people to leave, people fleeing, people lost abroad have many years of prestige and professionalism.

For many years searching for people and verifying the identity of people in foreign countries has been extremely difficult, but Detective Service Kim Long has taken professional measures to help individuals, Family Find and verify foreigner's identity easily.

Customers can find their relatives without having to think, or spend too much effort but are not effective, or wait for those people to find their own way back.

We are committed to always put the interests and interests of customers in:

- Secure customer information and related information in the detective service. The information is only owned by the customer.

- The information collected is always 100% accurate, with photos, videos and papers as evidence for customers.

- Always be honest and considerate with the profession, ensuring the work is always conducted accurately and continuously to provide the most accurate information.


Prestige, Professional Detective Service

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