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Find The Lost, The Runaway

The service of tracking down and missing people is one of detective services to investigate, verify the whereabouts, collect information about where the escaped and missing people are and what they do.

The special feature of this service requires advanced skills and support equipment to operate in other localities, high security factors and difficult to detect while monitoring, helping to ensure confidentiality for guests. line.

Service of tracking down and missing of Kim Long detective service includes:

- Investigate and search for relatives in the family who have been lost for many years due to separation, disappearance, etc. such as grandparents, uncles, siblings, etc.

- Investigating missing, abducted or homeless people for unknown reasons (being seduced or having a family dispute that leaves, or not knowing the reason)

- Investigate debtors fleeing, thieves, frauds; or investigate the person who caused the accident to flee ...

Due to the higher travel requirement than other investigative detective services, the cost is calculated based on the information provided by the customer. The cost is higher when customer information provides less details and vice versa. The cost of travel, meals and accommodations for the customer and the daily search. The detective team of detective Kim Long has spent years searching for the whereabouts and identities of various objects. With a sharp mind and long-term professional skills, we analyze and provide the most appropriate and quick investigation directions for customers. With the support of modern equipment, Kim Long detective always tries to fulfill his responsibilities in available resources.

For detailed and specific pricing please contact us directly or email. We will receive and respond immediately to the customer. The costs will be charged and clearly invoiced to ensure peace of mind for customers. Information will be provided periodically according to the results obtained.


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