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Detective Investigation Security Company, Business

The company's security investigation service, business of detective Kim Long will support businesses that are having problems such as:

- Finding out individuals and organizations related to the confidentiality of business information or intentionally causing problems in enterprises

- Investigate accidents, lawsuits, anonymous allegations, hackers and damages in and out of the company.

- Investigation of corporate finance with non-transparent financial records and documents.

- Investigate theft, document theft, wrestling and confidential company information.

- Investigate the background of employees in the company, of rival companies; and investigate issues in rival companies.

- Investigating and collecting information on the origin of counterfeit and pirated products of the company. Gather clear evidence to facilitate the lawsuit.

- Planning, and collecting information to help business owners plan to prevent the company from losses and damage caused by internal problems.

- Keeping information confidential, ensuring the security and safety for the whole company with state-of-the-art security equipment provided by Kim Long detective. The devices are compact and easy to take apart, mounted in secret places that cannot be detected.

These are general services of detective Kim Long. To request and quote specific services, please contact us directly.

In addition, we will represent you for further assistance:

- We will help you and your company ensure that internal or external issues will be clarified, clear, help the company transparent and prevent possible problems.

- We will help you to investigate company security, rival businesses or individuals having problems with specific information and evidence.

- We will help you to contact and coordinate with investigating authorities; support and handle issues related to corporate security.


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