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5 reasons why women commit adultery: What are the reasons for sympathy? Images

5 reasons why women commit adultery: What are the reasons for sympathy?

Men tend to have an affair more easily than women. Despite having a successful career, a good wife and good children, but men still fall in love with the "strange" desire, not necessarily because they are out of love.

What about women?

There is a quite right saying about the change of character of men and women in love, it is: "Men commit adultery because of strange, women change labor because of acquaintance". As mentioned, men commit adultery because they feel the current relationship is a bit boring. And, although they still love their women, but with their inherent nature, they often secretly wander around with some new women to find new feelings.

Women, on the other hand, adultery when they feel their relationship is at a standstill has come to a dead end. Only when feeling tired and alone in their own relationship do women begin to seek liberation. Here are the reasons that women change their hearts. In your opinion, can you sympathize with these reasons?

Despair with reality

One of the starting reasons why women commit adultery is feelings of despair. Despair with existing reality, relationship nowhere and even with pressure work. When men cannot give them advice or a sense of security, women tend to find someone to vent. Over time, when the outside man gives them a sense of security and understanding, they are more likely to fall into their arms.

Women are always looking for their subjects with reason (setting ideal and standard models for men) but when they fall in love, they are completely dominated by the heart. In love, women seek happiness and romance. If they feel that the man next to them lacks romance and is too dry, they start to get depressed. That makes women no longer passionate about their existing relationships. They yearn to seek the feeling of romance and sublimation like never before. And, if a man shows up, gives women what they need, like a drowner who catches a big log, they will find a way to get ashore on the log. After all, what a woman expects is just a man who loves them with all her romance.

Men, whether alone or not, can commit adultery. Except for those who commit adultery because of the end of love, most men commit adultery because of "strange things" Women are not like that. They look to another man when they feel their current relationship cannot be saved. The next man does not care or understand the difficulties, fatigue and make them feel hurt. That largely led to adultery situation of women.

How do you know if a man will become a lifelong companion or just across your life in a moment?

This is a rare occurrence but does not mean it cannot be. Many women commit adultery because they are using drugs or are addicted. Sexual addiction or shopping addiction are issues of great concern to women. For those who have high sexual needs, they always feel that the man next to them is not enough for what they want. That's why they sneaked out to "fall in love" with another man.

This is similar to feeling lonely in your own relationship. In love, even a strong, independent woman still wants to be cared for and received the attention of the other person. Men's superficiality or carelessness makes women fall into a abyss. That makes them hurt, miserable or tired, depressed. When women are unable to tolerate such feelings for long periods of time, women tend to commit adultery with the thought of finding another man to bring them happiness.

Although men commit adultery, there are times when they think of wives and children. For them, no matter how teasing the moon is, the final destination is home. Men always identify what is "rice" and where is "pho". Women are different, when they have an affair, they no longer have any feelings for their man anymore. Once a woman has an affair, that relationship has really broken, it can't be saved. Adulterous men cause happiness to fail, and women, because of a broken heart, must commit adultery.

At the same time, the object that makes women commit adultery is often acquaintances, which can be colleagues, neighbors or close friends of the husband ... familiar". The caring, kindness from a familiar person makes women feel safe and protected. After all, it is precisely because of the inability to find a sense of security and happiness in the current relationship that both women and men have the thought of finding another shoulder or bracelet.


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