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Price list Detective Detective Service, Professional Images

Price list Detective Detective Service, Professional

The prestigious Kim Long private detective service company - Detective Kim Long would like to offer you the following services. Rates may vary due to the nature of the service you are requesting.

Service of investigation and supervision, monitoring by day, week and month.

Service of hiring a detective office to track adultery: $50 - $70/ Day

Service of hiring detective to supervise and manage children and students: 1,000,000 VND - 1,500,000 VND / Day

Service of investigating, managing and supervising company employees: $50 - $70/ Day

Service of investigating and tracking before a lover: $50 - $70/ Day

Investigation service to verify phone numbers, license plates, find people.

Service of investigating license plate owners: $150 - $250/ Day

The service of hiring a detective to investigate the owner of an anonymous phone number: $250 - $350/ Day

Service to find family members to leave, missing, debtor fleeing: Agreement according to customer information.

Detective Office service provides information at the request of customers: Depending on the type of information that you request.

Above is the current price list of detective service. When you need to hire a private detective company, please contact Kim Long detective company for support and more details of the detective rent price.


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