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Kim Long Detective | Reputable Detective Company

Kim Long Detective is a Prestige Detective Company with 15 years of Experience, highly specialized Skill. Well-trained with passion and passion for the profession are fully equipped with perfect technical equipment.

Today, with the continuous development of the economy, culture, society in general, our lives and perceptions become increasingly modern and parallel, which entails a lot of the needs needed to for life and work that is getting better, better and more effective. One of our essential needs is the need to capture the necessary information related to life, personal happiness or business, etc. quickly, promptly, accurate and confidential.

Based on these practical needs, Kim Long Detective Service Company was established to support and provide customers with the most perfect solutions, helping customers find the truth of truth. and from there will make the right decisions to adjust and maintain family happiness, balance and improve efficiency in the business ...

With the motto "take the word TIN as a head" with experience for many years and spread throughout the provinces from the South to the North and a team of professional private detectors who are methodically and thoroughly trained both professionally and ethics, we are always proud to bring our customers the most prestigious, fast and accurate detective services, all information is independent, objective and absolutely confidential.

We always satisfy our customers with the following criteria:

- Prestige and professional ethics are the two leading factors when working with customers.

- Maximum cost savings for you.

- No additional charges.

- Friendly attitude even if you are, are or are not a customer of the company.

- Professional style, respond quickly to unexpected requests from customers.


Prestige, Professional Detective Service

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